Recipes from Chef David Shalleck

David Shalleck

Chef DAVID SHALLECK is the founder of VOLOCHEF® Culinary Solutions offering specialized services to the hospitality and media industries as well as private dining for special occasions and events. He is also the author of acclaimed culinary travel memoir Mediterranean Summer published by Broadway Books. A veteran of over twenty-five years in the food business, he has run the kitchens in noted restaurants and cooked for events in New York, San Francisco, the Napa Valley, Provence, and throughout many of Italy's famous regions. As a television culinary producer, he has worked alongside some of America's most celebrated chefs and hosts. Recent credits include the PBS series More Fast Food My Way and Artist's Table with Jacques Pépin, Made in Spain with José Andrés, Chef's Story at the French Culinary Institute, and with Cat Cora on the Food Network's Iron Chef America. His recipe, food styling, menu, and food product development clients include production companies, publishers, authors, restaurant operators, and many national brands. A graduate from Syracuse University in set and lighting design, he currently lives in San Francisco.

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